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How Long does it take for Content Marketing to work?

One of the most frequently asked question to a Digital Marketer or a Digital Marketing Agency is when to we see the growth?

Most of you must have heard it from your Digital Marketing Agent or from Online blogs stating “It takes 4 months to 9 or even a year or so to make your Content Marketing work”

Well, the fact here depends on what you see your end goal as. What do you consider growth?

There is even more versatility when you consider your market competitors, the differences in domain authority, SEO Competitiveness in different industries, promotional methods unique for certain niches, fame and following of founders or key executives and other specific aspects, determine your goal in the first hand. Fix what you want to achieve in your business.

On that premise, lets concentrate on the most frequently asked question “How Long does it take for Content Marketing to work?”

Meanwhile, wondering how we work on our Content Marketing Projects? Here you go..

First things First…

Your Success depends on how you see it. That’s when you will start to see a difference in your business.

There is a probability why we find random answers to this question “How Long does it take for Content Marketing to work?” is that everyone of us have a different perspective of what success means to us.

How do you measure your success? Here are few of the aspects that our customers found as a real growth. And here are few of the options for you to ponder over:

  1. A click through to another page on the blog. (Well, it is a growth for us)
  2. Engagements on your Blog? 
  3. People sharing your post in Social Media?
  4. A Blog Post ranking no.1 for its Keyword ?
  5. Organic traffic ?
  6. Or when “you feel” like its working?

You might wonder why a question mark after each points, the question mark is to remind you that it is your responsibility to determine what success means to you.

Though these are few of the options to look for in a Content Marketing growth. Yet we have our measurement of success too. We see success in only two aspects:

  • Lead: If there is no Conversion from Content Marketing, it’s a waste of time practicing it.
  • Traffic: Measuring traffic is as important as measuring Conversion. Only when you know people are seeing your work will you be able to measure your success.

Methods we use to generate Leads are as follows,

  1. Direct: When your audience know you, they type your website URL directly.
  2. Search Engine: You get leads through Organic search results page.
  3. Paid Results: You get leads through paid Ads in search results.
  4. Affiliate Marketing: Leads find their way through Affiliate marketers’ website.
  5. Social Media: Widely used Social Media is a major influence for finding leads.
  6. Email Marketing: An appealing Email can take a customer to your website.
  7. Referral: Words travel much faster than any other method. A trustworthy business can easily find leads this method. 

For more techniques to find your leads look here.

The Strategy:

The strategy here is very simple, just remember even a single comma in your content matters the same way, a simple regular post might help in your growth. Choose your goals right and choose your marketers right to make your goals reach its point!

If you feel we are right for you, all you got to do is contact us!

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