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Why SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS Marketing is one way of interacting with your customers. Statistics say 96% of people open an SMS within 3 minutes.

Evergreen Key

SMS messages are good old techniques in connecting with people and the chances of them fading in the future are impossible. It connects you with your potential customer.


Of course the times have gone when you have to spend a lot on just one corner in a newspaper, with SMS marketing, it is a very affordable choice.

Higher Open Rate

One of the biggest worries will be if the messages we send is being opened or not? Well statistics says 98% of customers actually opens your messages.

Mobile- Friendly

Even a child can operate Mobile Phone, with such growing awareness among people, SMS Marketing is one of the best choices that you can reach to your customers.

Internal Messages/Updates

Share important messages that is related within the company and teams. You deliver the messages to your customers and allow them to choose what to do with your service/product.

Easily Deliver’s in Bulk

Deliver bulk messages just in a blink of an eye! SMS marketing is less time consuming than any other marketing strategy to reach your audience.
The Strategy


Write an attractive story that conveys the message to your customer.


Make your story personal, customize the messages that will make them read it right away.


Get the access to make your messages interactive and responsive.
How does it Work?

Upload your contact lists and write attractive messages that you wish to send.

Send bulk messages to thousands of potential customers in just one click.

Track your SMS campaign performance live status on the dashboard.
What else to Know?


Make sure you have registered number. Get the license to reach your customers, else you will be marked as spam.

Tempting Urgency

Using words like “Hurry up” ,“Ending soon”, “Last offer” will help in intriguing the customers to give it a shot.

Content is King

Making the content interesting, convincing and triggering is one of the smartest strategy one can use. The less you write the more people are interested in you.


Not all customers wants to read the same kind of messages, nor do they have similar interests. Segmenting the audience will make the work easier.

Know the Timing

Knowing the best time to sell a product or splash an offer is must. One must know the productive period that the respective business will work out well.


Tracking the Open Rate and Click Rate will help in the improvement of your business.

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